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Digital Repair Surgeons saw a need for micro soldering services in the Rutland, Vermont area and decided to fill that need by getting certified and learning board level repairs properly. DRS Technicians took the Profixerr Repair Shop Accelerator Program. Which teaches micro soldering, board level diagnostics, as well as workflow efficiency. Teaches how to utilize these skills and implement them into standard operating procedures. Before DRS could offer the services, the technicians had to work long, hard days to practice, using many recycled devices to practice the techniques until they were perfected to the highest standard.

Using these skills combined with state-of-the-art equipment, DRS can provide an unmatched quality of work at an affordable price. This includes data recovery, the very tedious and skilled technique of retrieving photos, videos, contacts, and any data from devices that are otherwise unable to be repaired. Usually involving micro soldering, the motherboard of the device is repaired enough to extract the data to an external location such as a computer or flash drive.

Liquid damage repair is a large portion of these data recovery jobs. Electronics and liquid do not mix, so when they come in contact, after that water or liquid dries it leaves behind minerals which cause components to short out. This leaves the device unable to power on in most cases. Since learning these skills and offering micro soldering as a service, DRS has been able to recover thousands of precious photos and memories that would otherwise be lost forever. Many times, the devices can be restored to full functionality.

DRS offers micro soldering mail in services for business-to-business clients too. This is a service utilized by other repair shops or other businesses without the means to perform these repairs. DRS will prioritize mail in repairs for businesses to keep turnaround times prompt. These mail in repairs or B2B soldering repairs are typically discounted due to bulk repairs and the frequency of the repairs. This allows other repair shops to utilize the micro soldering services and still be able to profit on the repair as well as satisfy their customers. DRS maintains constant communication with clients, keeping them informed on their repair until its completed.

Please don’t hesitate to contact DRS with any repair requests or questions.